Pull-Along Shape Sorting Truck

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Pull-Along Shape Sorting Truck



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Pull-Along Shape Sorting Truck

– Most of our young children are distinguished by their passion for cars of all kinds, especially if they are large with moving wheels

– Therefore, Bryto Store shop for educational toys and skills development provided a tow truck toy and Shorting educational complementary shapes.

– The tow truck toy is suitable for children, boys and girls, from two years old to five years old.

The tow truck toy contains: –

1- Cubes with colored geometric shapes, numbered from one to five.

2- Each geometric figure is on one end of a number, and on the other end there are small balls drawn with the same number.

3- The truck has empty places to place the cube for each shape.

4- There is a rope attached to the truck to pull it.

How to play tow truck and categorize shapes: –

– The child pulls the rope, the truck moves back, and the child controls the way it runs and plays with it.

– The mother or teacher asks the child to place each shape in the truck that matches it.

– The teacher or mother asks her child, “Where is the circle? What is the number written on the circle? How many balls are on the circle? Put the circle in a place similar to it?”

Skills developed by the toy tow truck and classification of shapes: –

1- Developing the child’s movement skills while pulling the truck and his ability to hold on to the rope.

2- The skill of visual congruence and visual synergy is developing during the articulation of each geometric figure in its corresponding place.

3- Help to teach the child the geometric shapes easily and easily.

4- Helps teach counting from one to five, individually and while playing

5- It helps to develop imagination and education skills through play.

The toy pull truck and classification of shapes is very suitable for schools, kindergartens, and special places where children gather, for its size and many educational skills that it develops while playing.