Pull Along Elephant

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Pull Along Elephant


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Pull Along Elephant

– Pull Along Elephant is distinguished by its wonderful color, attracting and drawing the attention of young children to it while it is walking or pulling through the rope attached to it.

– A fun and appropriate toy for schools, kindergartens, and places where children gather for restaurants, malls, centers and children’s clinics.

– Pull Along Elephant is suitable for children from three years old to five years old.

– This amazing toy develops many skills

– Pull Along Elephant is characterized by its lovely shape for children, with its wonderful cyan color, by focusing attention on the toys and learning through them.

– Pull Along Elephant develops the child’s motor skills, as it stimulates your child in kindergarten, school or home to stand up, play and discover how to play with it.

 It help to strengthen and develop the muscles responsible to do .

– Strengthen the child’s muscles while pulling the rope and walking with it, or by pushing and sticking to it, here it helps him to walk easily.

– Pull Along Elephant that helps to get to know all the elephant information by asking your child many questions while playing, which leads to developing your child’s ability to imagine, such as (What is its name? Where does the elephant live? What is the elephant’s favorite food? The elephant is a forest or farm animal?) Thus, Pull Along Elephant  is characterized by the diversity of skills that you develop and develop through playing.

– It help to develop the child’s attention and focus and his ability to follow the path of things from around him, through the circular wheels that rotate during the course of the elephant.

– And finally, it is available in the Bryto Store for educational toys and skills development.