Pop Up Noah's Ark

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Pop Up Noah's Ark


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Pop Up Noah’s Ark

– A game that develops the child’s skills in matching, knowing the different and similar, and helps to know the animals and their names in a different way that is likable to the child.

– Pop Up Noah’s Ark is made of the finest types of wood and is harmless to your little one.

– Suitable for children from 3 years old to 6 years old.

– It help the child to distinguish between different animals and that develops his ability to read and distinguish between letters with ease.

– Help in facilitating the learning process by motivating the child to use his mind and focus on putting each animal in the correct position.

– Developing vocabulary by discussing with the child the name of each animal and its information, and asking the child about it.

– Developing the child’s counting skills.

– It help the child to recognize the basic colors.

Pop Up Noah’s Ark consists of:

– A wooden model with 4 pictures of animals (cow – lion – monkey – giraffe)

– There are 4 circular columns at the head of each column, a stereoscopic form from the images that are on the model.

On the back there is a key that works to raise or lower the appropriate shape.