Learning Multiplication

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Learning Multiplication



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Learning Multiplication

– Child’s learning of mathematics helps in much of his practical and scientific life.

– Mathematics is a fear for most children, so you must choose the way in which children are taught.

– Learning Multiplication toy is one of the most enjoyable Toys available to teach mathematics.

– There is a Toy to learn the multiplication table in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational Toys and skills development.

– Learning Multiplication toy can be used from 6 years old and above.

– Learning Multiplication toy, which is characterized by the difference in its display from other methods.

– Learning Multiplication toy can be used in schools and kindergartens with ease.

– Learning Multiplication toy is characterized by the infiltration of numbers, their order and the consistency of their colors, which makes it easier for the child to memorize and recall information when needed.

– Learning Multiplication toy early for children has a positive effect on the child’s academic achievement in all educational stages and in all subjects.

Learning Multiplication toy consists of:

1- A wooden board contains 10 rows of cubes.

2- Each row represents a multiplication table from 1 to 10.

3- Each cube has a number and the product of a number multiplied.

4- There is a holder for the wooden plank to rest on.

Learning Multiplication toy aims to:

1- Development of their thinking and mental abilities.

2- Ease of memorizing the multiplication table and not forgetting it.