Learning Colors Puzzle Set

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Learning Colors Puzzle Set



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Learning Colors Puzzle Set

Puzzle toys are among the toys that attract the child’s attention, interest and tendencies.

– This toy is available in the Bryto Store for toys, educational aids and skills development.

– Suitable for children from 2 years old to 8 years old.

They are found in kindergartens, schools, and children’s learning centers.

– It works to strengthen the child’s intelligence and learn the skill of solving problems.

– This toy is one of the double-objective toys as it teaches your child about colors as well as entertain him when spending his spare time.

– For use with normal children and children with special needs.

– One of the best group play that helps your child in social participation and cooperation.

– This toy is characterized by multiple and bright colors that attract your child’s attention.

Learning Colors Puzzle Set toy aims to:

1- Increase focus and attention in the child.

2- Development of visual synergy and visual memory.

3- Strengthening the delicate muscles of the child.

4- Training the child on matching and developing the concept of similarity between colors.

Learning Colors Puzzle Set toy consists of:

– It consists of 36 jigsaw puzzle pieces each 6 pieces similar in color and different in shape.

– Consisting of 6 colors, each color contains a group of things that are united in color and different in shape.

It contains two dice stones. The child throws the stone and then collects the things of a color similar to the color on the dice.