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hundred board



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hundred board

Hundred Panel

  • Mathematics and games bearing a sporting nature are among the games that provide benefits to the child and help him develop several skills.
  • This game is a wooden board that contains wooden squares numbered from 1 to 100, and the child arranges them to help him learn to count correctly.
  • This game increases the child’s focus and improves his attention, as it works to strengthen the visual, motor attention of your child.
  • Help the child to rely on himself to learn to solve his problems by finding the cube that carries the missing number and then placing it in its appropriate place.
  • The 100 board game is suitable for children from 4 years old to 6 years old.
  • This game can be used in kindergartens and special centers for teaching children.
  • The Hundred Board Game is made of the finest types of wood, which maintains the safety of your child.
  • The game also works to strengthen your child’s delicate muscles by grasping small parts of the game components.
  • Since Bryto Store cares about what is appropriate for your child, the Hundred Board Game is in it and you can order it and present it to your child as a kind of entertainment as well as educational gifts.