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Geometric Stacker



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Geometric Stacker

– Our children are often inclined to the Toys of life that they receive much encouragement for.

– Geometric Stacker Toy is available in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational Toys and skills development.

– Geometric Stacker Toy is one of the most vital and exciting Toys for a child.

– The Geometric Stacker Toy is suitable for children from 2 years old to 5 years old.

– Geometric Stacker Toy made of wood to protect your child.

– Geometric Stacker Toy is characterized by its progression from easier to more difficult so that the child does not get bored and bored when playing.

– Geometric Stacker Toy contains many colors that attract the child’s attention.

– The geometric horoscope Toy helps your child to distinguish between the concepts of greatest and smallest.

– If your child’s preferences are decoding and compositing, then the Geometric Stacker Toy will play its role in developing his inclinations and desires.

– Geometric Stacker Toy works to realize the concept of overlap and integration.

Some objectives of the Geometric Stacker Toy:

1- Development of the delicate muscles of your child.

2- Establishing the child in some concepts of mathematics.

3- Development of visual perception in the child.

4- Strengthen the child’s attention and focus.

Geometric Stacker consists of:

– A wooden board with 3 columns, each column has a group of similar in shape, different in size.

– Each column has its rings differs in shape from the other column.