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Frog Stacker



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Frog Stacker

– Frog Stacker  toy is one of the toys that works to develop focus and attention in your child.

– Frog Stacker toy is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

– This toy is based on attracting your child’s attention as it is characterized by the bright colors that your child desires

– Help your child to develop the concept of bigger and smaller as well as the concept of gradation in sizes and colors.

– This toy is suitable for children from the age of one year to the age of 6 years and more.

– Help your child to strengthen his muscles and how to hold things tightly.

– It works to develop the skill of the visual-kinesthetic coordination between eye and hand movement in your child.

– It is used in kindergartens, children’s learning centers, and special centers for people with special needs.

– This toy is made of the finest types of plastic that preserve the safety and health of your child.

– Help your child to understand the concept of integration of the pyramid structure and the concept of disassembly and installation.

– Help pre-kindergarten children learn to count things.

Frog Stacker consists of:

– Green base represents the base of the frog.

– set of rings of various sizes and colors.

– The child arranges the rings in a specific hierarchy.

Frog Stacker, Help child to develop the concept of bigger and smaller

strengthen his muscles,