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Fishing Hero

  • The hobby of fishing combines sport and fun, as fishing is one of the fun and useful activities for children in addition to learning through it.
  • Bryto Store has provided this game that is more than wonderful and entertaining, with many skills for your child, dazzling shapes and interesting colors, and it is among the educational games that develop skills.
  • Teaching the principles of hunting to the little ones will gain them patience and give a person psychological calm and a useful activity that fills these little ones’ spare time.
    • A game that contains many skills that you develop through playing: –
  • Satisfy the child’s desire to play and have fun. It has the power to attract the child’s attention through the colors, lights and sounds it contains while playing.
  • Developing and strengthening the child’s focus and ability to catch his own fish and put it in its designated place.
  • Strengthen the baby’s delicate muscles responsible for writing by holding a hook and fishing.
  • Children develop in group love and competition by playing in groups.
  • Children learn how to match and divide into groups by matching colors and numbers.
  • Children learn numbers and counting in an easy and fun way.
  • Develops children’s attention by playing with the hook, catching fish and looking at them as they fall into their tank.
  • It strengthens the children’s linguistic achievement by expressing their feelings and explaining what they do while playing.
  • The fishing game is suitable for children from the age of five years and over.
    • An impressive and interesting game as a great gift for your child if he loves fishing.
    • A fun and naughty game that many children want to have and play with.
    • Finally, this game is made with love and interest to satisfy the desire of your fishing lover to play and learn many skills and information about the marine world.