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Eggs Puzzle Game – Shapes & Colors


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Eggs Puzzle Game – Shapes & Colors

Eggs Puzzle Game – Shapes & Colors

Matching is useful and essential for the growth of cognitive processes in young children, helping them develop many of their academic and daily skills, in addition to playing and spending fun and entertaining time.

Egg strategy game help in developing basic skills and abilities such as: –

1- Sensory and mental development: By distinguishing between different geometric shapes and colors.

2- Creativity and imagination: this game awakens her and develops her.

3- Forming cooperative habits.

4- To develop the cognitive abilities of children.

5- It help to develop children’s attention and focus through his ability to choose the part corresponding to the other part.

6- Developing the child’s ability to connect similar colors and similar shapes.

7- Develop the skill of solving problems in children.

8- Developing the child’s vocabulary and acquiring new vocabulary through play and verbal expression.

Since Bryto Store cares about everything that benefits your child or your children, it has provided a matching game that develops their skills in a fun and safe way.

– It is safe and suitable for your little ones, and is made of harmless plastic materials.

Suitable for children from the age of three years and above.

– A multi-use game, which may be used at home to help you easily teach your child, or kindergartens and children’s skills education and development centers

Eggs Puzzle Game – Shapes & Colors of: –

1-12 eggs divided into two parts.

2- Each egg has a different color divided into two parts (one part for the shape is protruding to the outside, and the other part is hollow to match the shape).