Eggs Puzzle Game - Geometric Shapes

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Eggs Puzzle Game - Geometric Shapes



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Eggs Puzzle Game – Geometric Shapes

Eggs Puzzle Game – Geometric Shapes

– It is a unique and fun game for your little one, and it develops many important skills for its development, such as: attention, focus, intelligence, congruence and linking similarities.

– Suitable for children from three years old to six years old.

– Suitable for children in skills development centers and kindergartens, and also suitable for fine arts classes, because of the skills you develop.

– It is considered one of the useful games that help you teach your child about colors, geometric shapes, and congruence with ease.

– Help in developing the skill of remembering.

– It improves the concentration and attention of children with attention problems.

– Help in teaching children geometric shapes and distinguishing between them.

– Develop the child’s skill to count and learn numbers.

– Developing the child’s ability to know colors and their types and distinguish between them.

– The child’s vocabulary is developed when he describes what he does while playing.

– It develops the child’s ability to imagine.

– Satisfy the child’s creative abilities.

– Available in the Bryto Store for educational games and developing the skills necessary for the proper development of your child.

Eggs Puzzle Game – Geometric Shapes consists of: –

1- Holder in the form of an egg dish, placed inside colored eggs.

2-12 eggs divided into two parts with different kinds of geometric shapes.

3- Each egg has a different color divided into two parts (one part is for the shape, protruding outward, and the other part is hollow to match the shape).