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Clothes Horse



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Clothes Horse

• All of our young children, especially girls, very much want to help you at home, and if your child loves to play and imitate you, Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development has solved this problem by providing a clothes saw toy.

• The clothes saw toy is a toy made of the finest types of durable wood and is comfortable to open and close during play and use.

• A clothespin toy is a suitable toy as a gift for your little girl who loves to imitate and play, and is also suitable for schools that follow a system of developing the child’s skills in imitation, and to qualify for people with special needs who want to reach the normal life in a simple way.

• The clothes saw toy is suitable for children from three years and over.

• The clothes saw toy works to develop your child’s imagination and broaden her horizons through relying on herself to play and taking responsibility like you.

• If your child does not like to interact and play and is dependent on jealousy, this toy works on group interaction by imitating the mother.

• The clothes saw toy also develops the delicate muscles of the child, thanks to his ability to open the clothes clip.

• The clothes saw toy also teaches the child the arrangement through the salvation of her ability to place the clothes on the rope in a specific and arranged manner.

– Finally, the clothes Horse  is a double-goal, interesting, and suitable Toy for the happiness of your little girl.