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  • This wooden board is one of the most interesting and entertaining educational boards that we have in the Bryto Store, as it contains many basic concepts that must be worked on for our young children.
  • At the beginning of the age of five years, every mother and teacher wants to gain and add in the outcome of our children this important information about climate, weather change, date, days of the week, seasons, alternation of night and day and the hour.
  • Therefore, this painting is divided into several parts: –
  • First: the time
  • This painting includes a clock model, so that the child can understand how to set the time.
  • Learning time helps to know the importance of time in our life and how to use it in a correct way and not to waste time.
  • It also helps in dividing his day according to the number of hours and spending his tasks in the correct time.
  • Second: days of the week
  • On the board there is an arrangement of the days of the week and an indicator so that the child can stand in front of the day.
  • Through this method, the child can memorize the days of the week easily, in a simple and interesting way.
  • Third: months
  • By arranging the months, it is possible to learn and memorize the number of months and their names easily and easily, and link each group of months to the season in which they are located.
  • Knowing and learning through play and entertainment, how many weeks there are in the month, how many days there are in the month, and so on.
  • Fourth: the number of days per month (today’s date)
  • When learning all these previous concepts, you can learn how to write today’s date easily upon waking up every day and locate it through the pointer on the colored wooden plank.
  • It also helps to know that the day is divided into day and night, and there are sunset and sunrise.
  • Fifth and last: the seasons
  • Through this interesting painting, you can learn that the year is divided into four consecutive seasons (winter – spring – summer – autumn).
  • Knowing and learning the seasons of the year helps to add new information and words within the child’s vocabulary.
  • Through this panel, it is possible to learn the characteristics of each season of the year and the weather and climate of each season, and also this helps the child to know the type of clothes, food and drinks that we must know in each season.
  • Finally, this painting is better and better in learning this huge amount of concepts, information and terminology in an entertaining, interesting and enjoyable way for children because of its shape that attracts the attention and focus of our young children.