Bowling & Ring Toss

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Bowling & Ring Toss


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Bowling & Ring Toss

– The famous fun toy of bowling in malls preferred by all young and old.

Bowling consists of two parts:

1- A special section for bowling and aiming the ball at the penguin so that the largest number falls.

2- A special section for shooting rings on a penguin.

– Bowling & Ring Toss is available in the Bryto Store for educational toys, skill development, and everything new and appropriate for your child’s age.

– Bowling & Ring Toss is suitable for children from five years of age and older, as it is distinguished by its fun for children and adults.

– Bowling & Ring Toss toy consisting of three penguins, two monkeys, a duck, a big red ball, and four rings.

– The bowling toy helps to develop the visual-kinetic synergy of the child through its focus on the method of throwing the ball to hit the target and the largest number of bowling poles.

– Bowling toy develops the child’s abilities to count from one to six.

Bowling helps to recognize colors and match colors to each other.

– The toy of bowling and correction of the rings works to develop the spirit of team and competition and gathering as many goals as possible

– Bowling and ring shooting toy, motivational toy for learning and skill development, suitable for gymnasiums in schools, kindergartens, children’s gathering places and malls