Animals Carnival

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Animals Carnival


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Animals Carnival

– Most of our children love animals and play with them, but they have difficulty distinguishing between them.

– Animal Carnival help to learn and know the types of animals and distinguish between them through play and fun.

– It also help to recognize different colors and distinguish between them while playing.

Animals Carnival help to develop many skills that children must develop: –

 1- It help children learn by playing in a distinctive, different and interesting way that attracts the child’s attention, and that is why Bryto Store has provided this educational toy that develops your child’s skills.

 2- It help to strengthen the child’s temporary memory.

3- Develop the child’s attention and focus.

4- It help the child learn to coincide and distinguish between similar and different.

5- Improving the child’s vocabulary through explanation and description while playing.

6- Developing the child’s skill in waiting for the role and order in playing.

7- Loving the child to learn through play and spend their spare time in a beneficial way.

8- To develop in the child a love of group and cooperation.

The baby’s delicate muscles develop while placing the piece in the corresponding place.

How to play Animals Carnival :-

1- There are four children in a group and each child takes a piece of wood.

2- He begins to arrange and order and follow the turn, the first child takes one of the two dice (the animal dice, the color dice).

3- When throwing the color or animal dice that appears, the child searches for it and pose and matches its part.

– This toy is suitable for children from five years old to nine years old.

– This toy is suitable for special places for children’s education such as: kindergarten, centers for children, schools.

– It is a suitable toy for your young children to play with during their spare time.