Animal shape matching

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Animal shape matching



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Animal shape matching

– Matching, similar and puzzle toys are among the most suitable toys for children’s interests and preferences.

Animal shape matching is characterized as one of the multi-objective toys as it works to develop many skills as follows:

– It works to learn and recognize animals, their shapes and the information related to them.

– Help children learn geometric shapes such as square, triangle, oval and other shapes.

 –It works to develop the delicate muscles of your child and also helps to develop visual synergy in the child.

– child develops the concept of congruence and similarity in shape or size, as well as in color.

– It develops in your child the skill of jaw and composition as well as the skill of solving problems and works to increase his focus.

– It works to develop focus and attention in your child.

– Suitable for children from 4 years old to 9 years old and above.

– Such a toy is available in schools and kindergartens, as well as children’s learning centers.

– This toy is found on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development, since it is a store that cares about what suits your child.

– Of the toys that can be played individually or collectively.

Animal shape matching consists of:

1- wooden model containing four shapes of animals.

2– Every animal has a certain shape in a geometric shape (square – triangle – cantilever – oval).

3- group of the previous four geometric shapes hollow from the inside in the shape of a puzzle.

4-The geometric shape is matched with the shape of the animal suitable for it.