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Bead wire maze

- Wire Beads Maze is an educational toy that develops many of your child's skills, such as focus, attention, patience, color distinction, team and competitive skills.

- A wire maze table is available at Bryto Store for educational toys and skill development.

- Wire maze table toy suitable for children from 3 years - 9 years old.

- Wire maze table toy suitable for schools, kindergartens, and centers that work on developing children's skills.

An educational toy consisting of a wire-beads maze

1- Wooden base made of the finest types of wood.

2- Several colored wires intertwined with each other.

3- Many colorful beads.

4- Three animals, each animal has a special color, such as the color of its own wire.

Bead wire maze how to play it

- The children are divided into two or three teams, and each child takes a wire of a certain color, and begins to connect the beads to the end of the wire for his team

 This wire-beads maze toy develops a variety of skills

1- Developing the skills of thinking and solving problems by reaching the end of the required line.

2- Develop the skill of waiting for the turn and patience.

3- Develop the skill of imagination and competitive team play.

4- Develop the child's intelligence, attention, and power of observation.

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