Touch & Match Board

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Touch & Match Board

- One of the strongest toys that develop the sense of touch, and develop the child's ability to distinguish between tangible things and each other with ease.

- This painting contains ten pieces of different textures, as well as ten similar circular pieces of the same texture to match.

- This toy is suitable for children from five to ten years old.

- Touch & Match Board help develop children's tactile perception.

- It helps in the development of the child's ability to distinguish between the feel of things from around.

- It develops the child's imagination and creativity through his ability to choose the identical texture while closing his eyes.

- It works to increase the child's vocabulary and acquire new words about different types of materials such as (coarse - fine - sandy - zigzag - cubes).

- It help the child to use his abilities of focus and attention to reach the appropriate touch.

- It strengthens the child's cognitive and cognitive ability.

- Developing the child's self-confidence by matching correctly.

- It develops the intelligence and skills of the child.

- It help to distinguish between different colors.

- Bryto Store for educational toys and skills development provided this toy needed by everyone who wants to develop the skills of a child through playing

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