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Sudoku game

- Sudoku is one of the most intelligent and stimulating games of all time.

- Sudoku game is available on the Bright Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

- Sudoku game is an entertaining and very useful game for the mind, development of thought and training for concentration.

- Sudoku game can be used by people of 6 years and above.

- Sudoku game is characterized by its many colors that attract the child's attention.

- Sudoku is used in schools and classrooms.

- Sudoku game does not need a certain level of intelligence or culture, it is available to everyone.

- Sudoku game strengthens and matures brain cells.

- Sudoku game helps your child to develop on his own and excel in school subjects.

How to play the game Sudoku

- The gameplay depends on a group of squares divided into boxes with colored shapes, which are called a playing board or a matrix, and other empty boxes, where the player thinks and puts the missing colored shape.

Sudoku help to

1- Development of intelligence in the child.

2- Development of your child's creativity.

3- Development of visual perception in the child.

4- Strengthen the child's attention and focus.

Sudoku components

- nine small areas, nine horizontal rows, and nine longitudinal columns, and - each row is called a cell.

- Sudoku grid is complete.

- A group of colorful shapes.

- Sudoku game rules.

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