Shape Sorting

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Shape Sorting

- Parents think when buying a toy for their children that this toy will be useful and add something new to them

-toy is a distinctive, entertaining, and useful toy for our children.

- Shape Sorting toy is available on the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development.

- Shape Sorting toy suitable for children from one year to five years old.

- The shape sorting toy is distinguished by that it is made of wood, which ensures the safety of your child.

- Shape Sorting toy can be applied individually or in groups.

- Shape Sorting of shapes is used in kindergartens in a group manner.

- Shape Sorting toy helps your child learn some desirable behaviors.

A multi-objective Shape Sorting toy as it aims to:

1- Teaching the child geometric shapes.

2- Teaching the child colors.

3- Training the child to count.

4- Development of visual perception in the child.

5- Developing the spirit of cooperation and participation of the child.

shape sorting toy consists of:

 - Different colored cubes in the form of geometric shapes.

- A wooden box whose walls contain holes the size of geometric shapes.

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