Puzzle & Spinning Gears

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Puzzle & Spinning Gears

- This toy is one of the most intelligent toys for your child.

- Help children think well, problem-solving training.

Puzzle & Spinning Gears develop many skills, including:

1- Development of the delicate muscles of your child.

2- Development of visual-motor synergy in the child.

3- Increasing the child's self-confidence and developing the skill of self-reliance.

4- Training the child in problem-solving skills.

- One of the group toys that make the child work to participate and give.

- The toy is characterized by that it contains colors that attract your child's attention and develop tendency.

- This toy develops the child's attention and focus.

- There is this toy in the Bryto Store for toys, educational toys and skills development, and it is the store that is interested in providing toys that your child can learn and benefit from.

- This toy is suitable for children from the age of two years to the age of 10 years and more.

- Works to train the child in the skill of solving puzzles and finding solutions to problems.

How to play Puzzle & Spinning Gears:

- The child begins to rotate the first gear in the direction that makes the rest of the gears go in the same direction without complicating or overlapping.

Puzzle & Spinning Gears consists of:

- Wooden base contains several interlocking gears of various sizes and colors.

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