Pull Along Caterpillar

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Pull Along Caterpillar

- Ideal for babies who are learning to walk or crawl, pulling the woodlice together develops the delicate muscles.

- It develops a set of sensory experiences such as touch, smell, push and twist.

- It is distinguished by its attractive color and shape, and it attracts the attention of young children.

- A fun and appropriate toy for schools, kindergartens, skills development centers and special gathering places for children

- The toy is suitable for children from 6 months to five years old.

- This great toy help to develop many skills

- It is characterized by the development of attention focused on toys, playing and learning through playing.

- A popular toy to use your child's spare time to play.

- A toy that develops the child's motor skills, as it stimulates your child to sit, crawl, play and discover the environment faster through play.

- Help to strengthen and develop the delicate muscles while withdrawing the larva.

- It help to strengthen and develop the muscles responsible for walking.

- Strengthen the child's muscles while pulling the rope and walking with it, or by pushing and sticking to it, here it help him to walk easily.

- Help to enhance memory, focus and brain cell development.

- It help the child to recognize different colors.

- It stimulates the child's coordination and arrangement.

- It makes the child able to learn numbers and count in a fun and easy way through playing.

- This toy is characterized by the diversity of skills that you develop and develop through playing.

- Help to develop the child's attention and focus and his ability to follow the path of things from around him, through the circular wheels that rotate while he is walking.

- And finally, it is available in the Bright Store for educational toys and skills development.

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