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Pop it Heart

This popular bubble Toy is a stress relief ,Toy tool that can solve your concerns over and over again. It can help adults reduce stress, and it can also help children improve thinking skills, math, and concentration. Lightweight and easy to carry: - The size is convenient and can be carried, can play anywhere such as home, car, plane, restaurant, camping, school, office, or outdoors ... etc Stress Relief: - Help restore mood, the basics of the parent-child interactive Toy, Toys that the elderly, children and adults can play, Toys that relieve stress, and Toys that autistic people can play

Unlimited fun: - Players take turns pressing any number of bubbles they want to arrange in a row, and the player who presses the last bubble will lose. Comfortable feeling: Just click on the mouse bubbles and they'll make a slight sound, then flip them over and start over! It can be reused and cleaned.

It can be used starting from 18 month.

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