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Noble Kitchen

- Most of our daughters are interested in imitating their mothers in the kitchen and using its tools.

- Noble Kitchen toy is available in the Bright Store for toys, teaching aids and skills development.

- Noble Kitchen toy is more suitable for girls than boys.

Noble Kitchen toy is used from 3 years old to 7 years old.

- Wooden tea set toy made of wood material that keeps your child safe.

- Noble Kitchen toy teaches the child the principles and basics of the kitchen.

- The child is taught to maintain herself while handling the torch.

- One of the features that characterizes the wooden tea set toy is that it is group performance.

- Through the Noble Kitchen toy, you can teach your child how to keep the place clean around her.

- Your child is taught how to cook with the Noble Kitchen toy.

Noble Kitchen aims to:

1- Meet your child's desires and preferences.

2- Development of your child's body muscles.

3- It develops in the child the spirit of participation and group.

4- The spirit of motherhood instills in your child.

Noble Kitchen toy consists of:

- Wooden kitchen.

- Tools for the kitchen.

- water pool.


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