Magnetic Bead Trace - Clock

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Magnetic Beads Maze - Clock

- Magnetic Beads Maze - The watch is a dual-use Toy, used to easily and easily teach your child (what time is it?) And the importance of time in our life, and the colors in English and the distinction between them.

- Magnetic Beads Maze - The watch is available in the Bryto Store for educational Toys and skill development.

- Magnetic Beads Maze - the watch is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old.

- Magnetic beads maze - the watch is suitable for schools, kindergartens, and centers that work on developing children's skills.

 Magnetic Beads Maze - Clock is a Toy that develops many skills

1- Develop the skill of recognizing and calculating the watch.

2- Encouraging the child by playing to learn the numbers from 1:12, and also learning fractions such as (half, quarter, third).

3- Working on learning the concept and importance of time in our life and the difference between (minute, second, hour).

4- It also helps to learn colors in English and distinguish between them.

5- It develops children's intelligence and visual-motor synergy through the child's ability to enter small balls in their correct place.

 Magnetic Beads Maze - The watch consists of

1- A circular wooden panel with internal cavities.

2- A small clock in the middle of the circle with colored hands.

3- Small colored balls.

4- Small circular sockets at the edges of the wooden circle.

5- A whistle is connected to it that encourages the child during the child. Toy

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