Magnetic Bead Trace - Car

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Magnetic Bead Trace – Car

The Maze game is one of the distinctive recreational games that help in pre-academic education. It is a favorite game for children, especially for young boys, that develops the skill of children to pay attention and focus.

- An interesting and suitable game for your little boy who loves cars, through which he can strengthen the delicate muscles of his hands to help in the process of writing and holding the pen.

- Help children develop and develop their ability to think and use the mind.

- Improves visual attention. It strengthens and stimulates the delicate muscles of the hand for proper growth.

- Suitable for young children from one year to five years old.

- All educational and skill development games for your little child are available on Bryto Store.

- This game develops through colored beads learning numbers and counting skill.

- Helps to learn the names of colors and distinguish between them.

- To develop the skill of visual and kinesthetic synergy through the path sequence with the plastic pen.

- Suitable for playing in free time away from the use of electronic games that destroy brain cells.

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