Learning Shapes Puzzle Set

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Learning Shapes Puzzle Set

- This game is one of the double-objective games as it teaches your child about colors as well as entertain him when spending his spare time.

- This game helps your child to learn about geometric shapes and their similarities in life.

- Suitable for children from 2 years old to 8 years old.

- This game is Suitable for kindergartens, schools, and children's learning centers.

- It works to strengthen the child's intelligence and learn the skill of solving problems.

- It is used with children with special needs in order to teach them educational skills and concepts of geometric shapes.

- One of the best group play that helps your child in social participation and cooperation.

- This game is characterized by multiple and bright colors that attract your child's attention.

Learning Shapes Puzzle Set aims to:

1- Increase focus and attention in the child.

2- Development of visual synergy and visual memory.

3- Strengthening the delicate muscles of the child.

4- Training the child to develop the concept of conformity as well as the concept of the relationship of shapes with each other.

Learning Shapes Puzzle Set consists of:

- It consists of 5 wooden pieces, each piece has a picture of a geometric shape.

- There is a group of wooden pieces that represent pictures that express each of the shapes.

- A dice is available for the child to throw, then the puzzle parts related to the sense that are on the stone are collected.

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