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Learn Alphabet - Mathematics

- Mathematics is considered one of the basics for a child's learning and understanding of practical life.

- There is an alphabet learning toy - mathematics in the Bryto  Store for Toys, Educational Toys and skills development.

-  alphabet learning toy - Mathematics is used from the age of 4 - 9 years.

- Alphabet learning toy - Mathematics used in kindergartens and schools to teach children.

- Alphabet learning toy - Mathematics made of wood that keeps your child safe.

Learning alphabet - Mathematics is one of the most enjoyable toys available to teach mathematics.

-  alphabet learning toy - mathematics helps to learn the concepts of different mathematical operations.

- The alphabet-math toy help the child to know the multiples of numbers.

Alphabet learning toy - Mathematics works on me

1- Developing the child's mental skills.

2- Development of their thinking and mental abilities.

3- Development of fine muscles through the jaw and structure.

4- Development of visual synergy in the child.

The toy consists of learning alphabet - mathematics

- Wooden board divided into 100 small squares

- Cubes are as small as the number of empty places in the wooden board.

- Each cube has a number and a letter or an arithmetic sign written on it.



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