Learning Alphabet & Clock

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Learning Alphabet & Clock

- Given the importance of time in our daily life, this emphasizes the importance of learning time for our children and educating them to respect and appreciate time.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock is one of the most attractive and exciting Toys, as it is rich in colors and images that attract the child's attention.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock - a clock available in the Bryto Store for education Toys and skills development.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy - the clock helps the child to count through the loops at the bottom, and it also helps him learn letters and numbers and identify some of the pictures on the Toy.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy enables the child to know the direction of the clockwork.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy can be used in schools and kindergartens, and the mother can teach her child about it at home.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy - an hour from the age of two years and over is used so that the child can learn it.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy - the clock helps the child to connect letters -with words and their pictures.

- Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy helps the child to know the multiples of numbers.

Objectives of Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy: -

1- Development of thinking in the child.

2- Learn about colors.

3- Development of visual synergy in the child.

Learning Alphabet & Clock Toy - an hour consists of:

1- A model containing several cubes arranged in an easy way to rotate. On each side of each cube there is a letter and on the other side there is an image that begins with this letter.

2- An hour at the bottom of the object.

3- A counter made up of a group of rings in different colors.

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