Lacing Farm Animals

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Lacing Farm Animals

- There is Lacing Farm Animals in the Bryto Store, which cares about everything suitable for your child in facilitating the learning process, spending free time and developing his skills.

- It is considered one of the most important toys that develop children's motor skill and help him focus and control the movement of his hands.

Lacing Farm Animals develops several goals, including:

1- Strengthening the delicate muscles that help him in the writing process.

2- It helps to increase the focus and attention of the child during the attachment of the rope in the specified places.

3- It stimulates the child to develop the concept of animals and get to know them.

4- It strengthens the skill of visual coordination between eye and hand movement.

This little girl help your child to recognize different colors.

- This toy is suitable for children from the age of two years to the age of 8 years or more.

- It help the child to know what each animal in this group is doing.

- This toy is based on attracting your child's attention as it is characterized by the bright colors that your child desires

- The toy help your child learn to decode and assemble.

- This toy help your child learn to perform life skills such as tying couch shoes.

- It is used in kindergartens, children’s learning centers, and special centers for people with special needs.

Lacing Farm Animals consists of:

-  group of animals such as (a horse - a cow - a chick - a sheep).

- set of colored strings.

- The thread is inserted into the openings in the animals in a certain way.

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