Jumbo Standing Abacus

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Jumbo Standing Abacus

  • This game is now available in the Bryto Store for games, educational aids and skills development, as it cares about everything related to your child and what suits his inclinations and desires.
  • This game is a stand for a large wooden counter used to count up to the number 100, consisting of 10 rows, each row consisting of 10 small circular rings with a specific color.
  • The game works to develop the visual-kinesthetic synergy between the hand and eye movement of the child.
  • The child counts from the first row using the loops and displacing each ring.
  • This game is used with older children, ages 7 and over.
  • The child can be taught the concept of ones, tens, and hundreds by using this meter.
  • This game is used to develop the child's intelligence as well as strengthen it.
  • The child can be introduced to the colors through the wooden counter.
  • This game aims to develop your child's focus and attention.

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