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Guitar 21 - Wooden color

- One of the most important benefits of learning guitar is improving brain function. For children, they found a strong link between music training and improvement in the overall learning process.

- Available on Bryto Store for educational toys and skills development.

- It can be purchased for many places for children, as it is suitable and loved for children in kindergartens, schools and centers for developing skills.

- Stringed instruments are suitable for young children to start playing, because they do not require much effort and are compatible with their abilities, such as the guitar.

- Playing it help in adjusting the muscle compatibility of the child.

Suitable for children from 6 years old to above.

guitar help develop and stimulate many skills that strengthen the teaching and learning process

1- The child learns innovative ways of thinking and creativity

2- Learning music gives the child self-confidence, so playing in front of people, whether they are parents, friends, or on a stage gives a kind of awe.

3- It raises the skills of listening, and teaches the child to distinguish between melodies and songs, making him have a distinctive musical ear.

4- Develop the communication skills of the young.

5- Get rid of the negative energy and make him smile and happy.

6- Treat the problems of distraction, nervousness and hyperactivity.

7- One of the easiest tools that are suitable for young children, whether boys or girls, because it teaches them the early appreciation of music, the scales of music and the taste of melodies.

 8- Music calms nerves and help the child to sleep peacefully without insomnia.

This interesting musical instrument consists of

1- A wooden body made of the best durable wood.

2- A header containing the keys.

3- Musical strings.

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