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Square fractional numbers

  • This game is now available in the Bryto Store for games, educational aids and skills development, as it cares about everything related to your child and what suits his inclinations and desires.
  • This game is a wooden board with:
  • A circle made up of one part represents the correct one.
  • A square divided into two parts expressing the concept of half.
  • A triangle divided into three parts that represents the concept of the third.
  • A square divided into four parts representing the concept of a quarter.
  • This game is suitable for children from 6 years old to 9 years old.
  • The game works to learn new concepts such as (the correct one, half, third and quarter).
  • The development of the skill of visual-motor synergy between hand and eye in the child.
  • The game helps your child to strengthen his delicate muscles and how to hold cubes.
  • Help the teacher teach the child new mathematical concepts in a way that suits the child.
  • This game is suitable for kindergartens, schools and centers for children's education.

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