Foldable Tool Box

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Foldable Tool Box

- Your child is a fan of deconstructing and installing toys and everything that exists in the environment from around him. Your child has many hidden skills and talents that you want to

- Bryto Store for educational toys and skill development is available to have a toy suitable for the needs of your child or your child. Box of tools.

- Foldable Tool Box is suitable for homes, schools, kindergartens and centers that work to develop the child's skills and qualify them for a specific job.

- Foldable Tool Box is suitable for children from 6 years old to above.

- Foldable Tool Box Fund works to develop the child's intelligence and his ability to solve problems from within.

- Foldable Tool Box help to develop the child's muscles, control his injury, and his ability to imagine and play educational

- Foldable Tool Box stimulate your child to discover the surroundings around him, ask many questions and love to know.

- Foldable Tool Box let your child bring out all his talents by imagining, playing, and removing and installing nails and gears.

- Foldable Tool Box consists of wooden screws, gears, and a screwdriver to connect the tools together.

 - Foldable Tool Box are made of the finest types of wood and have bright colors that are lovely for your child, and there is no danger to your child.

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