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Fishing Toy Lake

 The hobby of fishing combines sport and fun, as fishing is one of the fun and beneficial activities for children in addition to learning through it.

-  It helps teach the child the principles of hunting and gives them patience and gives the person psychological calm and a useful activity that fills these little ones' spare time

- This toy helps your child learn the concept of similarity and matching.

- Bryto Store has provided this wonderful, entertaining and many skills toy for your child, and it is among the educational toys that develop skills.

- The fishing toy is suitable for children from 3 years old to 9 years old.

-  A useful, interesting and suitable educational toy as a great gift for your child if he loves fishing.

- Suitable for children’s gathering places in kindergartens or skills development centers.

- This toy is based on attracting your child's attention as it is characterized by the bright colors that your child desires.

- A toy that contains many skills that you develop through playing, including:

1-Developing the child's intelligence by learning how to play and applying it.

2- Developing and strengthening the child's memory and ability to concentrate by catching his fish and putting it in its right place.

3- Strengthen the child's delicate muscles responsible for writing by holding a hook and fishing.

4- Children develop in group love and competition through playing in groups.

5- Children learn how to match and divide into groups by matching colors.

6- It strengthens the skill of visual coordination between eye and hand movement.

7- Develop children's attention by playing with the hook and catching the fish of the group.

The lake fishing toy consists of:

1- Magnetic red plastic hooks.

2- A wooden model in the form of a lake with a basin on both sides to put the cards in their places.

3- A group of cards planted in the lake with a group of pictures of fish of different colors and shapes.

- The child catches the card and places it in the location of the corresponding fish shape.

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