Clock Puzzle 10mm thick

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Clock Puzzle

- Watch games work from games that attract the tendencies and attention of the child.

Clock Puzzle aims to:

1- Learning your child on the watch and knowing how to read it.

2- Developing and strengthening the baby's delicate muscles.

3- Awareness and development of the skill of time preservation from childhood.

4- This game help your child to learn numbers and learn their breeding.

5- Development of the skill of visual motor coordination in the child.

6- Teaching the child how to turn the arrows in the clock.

7- Teaching the child what the watch consists of and what it consists of several hours.

- This game is found in the Bryto Store for toys, educational tools and skills development. It cares about everything related to your child and what suits his inclinations and desires.

- This game help your child learn different colors.

- This game is suitable for children from the age of 3 years to the age of 8 years and more.

- This is a game suitable for kindergartens and special centers for children’s learning.

- It is used with children with special needs and helps them in developing his skills.

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