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Paring Game - chicken

- Let your child take off !!!!

Give him a chance to learn by playing.

- Paring Game – chicken is a fun educational game - a game that enhances your child's visual matching skills, improves memory and problem solving.

- Paring Game – chicken helps children develop social skills and teach them to be patient and wait for the role of the other, as it is a group game consisting of two teams.

- Available in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational Toys and skills development, as it cares about everything that is useful and beneficial for your child in his primary stage of education and skill development

The contents of Paring Game – chicken

 One rotating table - big chicken - 10 little chicks - 5 cards - a sheet of paper with labels with the number of little chicks and the big chicken.

How to Play :

1- The poster sheet is placed in front of everyone.

2- The five cards are placed in front of the two teams, so that each child can take a card.

3- The child of the first team takes a card and looks at it well, then turns the table to see the little chick standing in front of him takes it and places it on his classroom with the poster paper.

- Players take turns until the one who reaches the big chicken wins this fun and interesting game.

 - Paring Game – chicken help you in developing your child's knowledge by asking him various questions (What color is the hen? Where does the hen live? Where are the little hens? How many young hens?). These questions work to develop the child's horizons for imagination.

- Paring Game – chicken is suitable for the age of 4 years and above.

- Paring Game – chicken is a multi-use game in more than one place, as it is suitable for children’s playgrounds in the gardens and kindergartens, as it is used in the classroom and in private places where children gather,

- It is also used in places of waiting where children are located, as it is a multifunctional game and a team game where more than one person can play with it.

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