Car Slider

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Car Slider

- Car ramp toy is an interesting team toy that many of our children like, especially children.

Car Slider toy consists of:

1- A building with pictures of jungle animals, consisting of four colored slopes.

2- Four colored cars.

How to play Car Slider:

- There are 4 teams of children, each child takes a car, and they race on the ramp. The car that arrives first wins.

- Car Slider toy help to develop the competitive spirit, waiting for the turn to play in a group.

- Car ramp toy help to learn different colors.

- Car Slider toy help develop the child's horizons through play and imagination

- Car Slider toy is very suitable for schools and kindergartens, as it is used in the classroom and in special places where children gather and skills development centers.

- Car ramp toy is very interesting and wonderful toy as a gift for your little one.

- Car Slider toy is made of the finest materials and is safe for your child.

- Car Slider toy is suitable for ages 3 and over.

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