Blocks Table with 50 pcs -Lego

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Blocks Table with 50 pcs -Lego

- Cubes are among the most enjoyable Toys that our children are happy and wanting.

- The LEGO table Toy can be find in Bryto Store shop for toys, educational toys and skills development.

- Lego table Toy helps your child to integrate with other children and love for teamwork.

- Lego table Toy is characterized by its many colors that attract your child's attention.

- Lego table Toy made of the finest types of plastic.

- Lego board Toy helps enhance social and motor skills as well as develop them.

- Lego table Toy is suitable for use for children from one year to 6 years old

- Lego table Toy contains some educational shapes and letters.

- Multipurpose Lego table Toy.

- Lego table Toy can be played in solo or team form.

- There is a Lego table Toy in kindergartens and special centers.

LEGO Table Toy aims to:

1- Development of creative thinking in the child.

2- The development of the muscles of the hands of the child.

3- Development of artistic sense in the child.

The LEGO table Toy consists of:

1- Table.

2- 50 pieces of cubes divided into

- A group of colored cubes.

Some shapes and letters.

3- A booklet containing the shapes that the child can implement.

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