Balance Scales

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Balance Scales

- Justice is one of the most important principles of life on which we must raise our children.

- Balance Scales is not just a toy that children play, but rather a multi-purpose toy.

- The scale of volumes toy is available in the Bryto Store for toy, educational Toy and skills development.

- Balance Scales is used in kindergartens and schools to teach children and educate them on the correct behavior.

- Balance Scales toy is valid for use from the age of two years and over.

- The size features toy is used to teach the child the difference between different sizes

- Balance Scales seeks to educate the child and compare between justice and injustice.

- Balance Scales toy can be used in schools in plays in roles that show the importance of justice.

- Balance Scales toy can be played individually or in a group manner.

The components of Balance Scales:

1- Wooden scale.

2- Two paws.

3- A group of different weights.

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