Magnetic Worldmap Puzzle

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Magnetic Worldmap Puzzle

- It has benefits that stimulate the child's growth and the development of his cognitive abilities, and this well-known toy is an essential and enjoyable means of entertainment for both children and the elderly, and it can be played alone or with family and friends.

- Suitable for children who are new to learning social studies, as it helps them identify the shape of the surface of the earth and its contents.

- A more than wonderful toy that helps the teacher in the school classroom and the educator learn easily, easily and in an entertaining way.

It is considered a toy that helps in developing many skills: -

1- Discovering the world around them.

2- Development of eye-hand coordination.

3- Development of fine muscle skills.

4- Development of the skills of the large muscles.

5- Developing mathematics awareness, problem-solving skills, and abstract thinking.

6- Distinguishing between continents and countries.

7- Development of the child's ability to match shapes with their places.

8- Teaching the child the number of continents and their names.

9- Improving memory.

10- The puzzle is a tool for self-learning and critical thinking.

11- Continuity in tasks and a sense of accomplishment when completing the assembly of parts.

-  Development of imagination and creativity.

- It consists of a wooden panel with all the continents of the world, as well as puzzle pieces with the shapes of animals and planes and their relationship to each continent.

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