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  • It is an entertaining and interesting game that develops creativity, imagination and devises ways to solve problems, and develops the concept of competition and playing in group groups.
    • This game consists of four different color groups (red, yellow, green, and blue) in addition to four dice for each group.
    • This game is suitable for all age groups.
    • This game is the most popular choice for spending free time in a way that contains entertainment and excitement.
  • Promote the concept of waiting for one's turn and respecting the other.
  • Stimulates brain cells to work by thinking well while playing to win.
  • Provides children with new methods and strategies while playing.
    • It develops the spirit of participation and team play.
  • It develops the child's ability to focus and pay attention.
    • This game is one of the games that must be available on trips and travel to spend a distinctive, wonderful and full of entertainment and suitable for all family members.
    • Bryto Store has all the games available in our store that make free time have another form of fun and excitement.
    • This game is suitable for all places where young children, adults and teenagers are also.
    • Finally, Ludo game is made of the finest and most durable types of wood, and it is not harmful to your child.

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