Lego 80 PCS Building Blocks Pink

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Lego 80 PCS Building Blocks pink

- Play is one of the most important things for a child, as it enables him to recognize, discover and develop intellectually.

- LEGO Fixtures Toy can be found on the Bryto Store for Toy, educational Toys and skills development.

- The Lego Fixtures Toy is suitable for many ages, ranging from one year to the age of 7.

- Lego combinations Toy is available in kindergartens and schools.

- Lego fixtures are characterized by its many colors that attract your child's attention.

- Lego combinations Toy increases your child's self-confidence and overcomes shyness in the group.

- Lego combinations help improve the concept of spatial reasoning for the child.

- Lego fixtures Toy made of the finest types of plastic.

- LEGO combinations help to enhance and develop social and motor skills.

- LEGO formulas are one of the best Toy that can be presented to your child on any occasion.

The LEGO Fixtures Toy aims to:

1- Development of the creative side of the child.

2- Dilute the fine muscles of the child.

3- Create the idea of ​​balance in your child.

4- Create a spirit of participation and group in the child.

LEGO Fixtures Toy components:

- 80 pieces of cubes of different shapes, sizes, and colors –

- A small booklet to indicate how to use.


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