75 pcs Natural Jumbo Building Block Set

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75 pcs Natural Jumbo Building Block Set

- Cubes are some of the child's favorite building Toys, as they enjoy manipulating, communicating, and building.

- There is a jumbo building block Toy in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational toys and skills development.

- Building blocks jumbo Toy is made from the finest types of wood.

- Jumbo building blocks Toy uses from 2 years old to 8 years old.

- jumbo building block Toy encourages the child to play cooperatively.

- The jumbo building block Toy is used in kindergartens and schools.

- Jumbo building blocks Toy helps the child to be creative and innovative.

- Jumbo building blocks Toy helps to educate the child and develop his cultural outlook.

- Building blocks jumbo Toy is applied individually or collectively.

Among the objectives of the Toy building jumbo blocks:

- To develop fine motor skills and increase your child's ability to control their hands and fingers while they move

Improving the child's problem-solving skills and self-reliance.

- The development of attention and focus in the child.

Components of Jumbo Building Blocks Toy:

- 75 pieces of the finest types of wood in the form of cubes of different shapes and sizes

- A guide that shows the child how to deal with the Toy.

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