100pcs Block Set - Alphabet & Numbers

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100pcs Block Set - Alphabet & Numbers

- If your child is a fan of buildings and constructions, then building blocks Toy will help to develop his tendencies to the maximum possible degree

- Building blocks Toy is available in the Bryto Store for Toys, educational Toys and skills development.

- Building blocks is a multi-purpose Toy that benefits your child.

- Building blocks Toy helps your child to learn alphabets.

- Building blocks helps the child learn numbers and some math operations.

- Building blocks is preferred from the age of 2 years to the age of 6 years.

- Building blocks is found in schools and kindergartens.

- Wood cubes Toy made of the finest types of wood that protects your child's health.

- Building blocks Toy can be used individually or collectively.

- Building blocks Toy teaches the child the consistency and arrangement.

- The building blocks Toy contains colors that attract the child's attention.

Building blocks Toy aims to:

- The development and increase of attention and focus in the child.

- Training the child to play collectively and not to lock in on himself

Building blocks Toy components:

1- 100 pieces of cubes divided into

-A set of cubes with letters written on it.

- Another group of cubes that have numbers on them.

- Some colored and non-colored cubes.

2- A manual with written instructions on how to play.

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