Do you study your children ?

Do you study your children ?

Do you study your children ?

 Among the common questions
on this topic: Do I have to teach my child? How should I teach my child? How
many hours should I teach my child? These and other questions confuse parents a
lot, especially when it comes to their first child. We assure you that this
issue is simple and does not cause excessive concern, but we broadly emphasize
its importance on the level of children’s intelligence.

stage to primary school:

Teaching a child at home during this
stage is very important. Parents are obligated to teach their children the
basics of reading, writing and memorizing. Some parents may invoke the fact
that they have not received education when they are young, meaning that they
cannot teach their children, this is not enough reason to prevent children from
studying, as it is possible to use his brothers older than him or a relative Or
a neighbor as a last resort. To facilitate this process and increase its
effectiveness, it is advisable to use educational methods such as educational
games such as Bright Horizon,
they are very useful.


 After the
child learns to read and write before entering school, during this stage he
will be able to avoid a set of obstacles that impede the good achievement of
some students. Parents should accompany their children during the review of the
lessons they received at school, as in this way they will avoid the problems of
incomplete and accurate understanding of the lessons, as they will discover
more with their parents, and thus the child’s intelligence skills grow and his
love increases and his attachment to the study.

How and how
long a child will be taught:

Children differ from each other by
their mental and physical abilities, and for this , parents must take into
account the abilities of their child during his teaching. If the child is smart
and eager to study, then the parents must be enthusiastic as well and show him
that he is smart and he has to persevere more in order not to frustrate him,
and his resolve will fade away. In the event that the child is of little
intelligence and difficult to absorb lessons easily or does not like to study,
parents must make a lot of effort to love the study of their child by using the
simplified educational methods from Bright
, it facilitates the process of teaching the child at
home. In addition, the teaching period of the child should range from one to
two hours at the latest, with some resting that lasts for a quarter of an hour
when the child begins to tire.

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