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Discover your child’s talents

  Discover your child’s talents

 All children have at least one
talent, it is an innate matter born with them. It is not possible to prevent
the child from engaging in it or enjoying its practice, but the most important
thing is to discover it in him before it is discovered by him himself, in order
to avoid fading it quickly and work to develop it.

Incorporation of the child into the

Care must be taken to ensure that the child participates in
various activities of the family, such as discussing a topic or participating
in making and preparing something. Parents should also note their child well,
pay attention to his behavior, and focus on the things he creates, whether it
is good communication skills, drawing, acting, dancing, etc.

Tell the child about his talent:

After discovering the talent of their son or daughter, parents
should not inform their children of their talent directly, and this will make
the child in a state of confusion, even if that does not appear, as he will
gradually start to alienate from his talent and not develop it. On the
contrary, parents should encourage their child for his talent in an indirect
way and provide him with the necessary means to exercise his talent or hobby,
the aim of this is to show the child himself his abilities and talents so that
he becomes more attached to what he loves to do and increases his confidence in

What is the talent of my child ? :

 The educational methods
of Bright Horizon help in knowing the talent of the child . because he
learns by it  and enjoy  . If the child loves the games that contain a
lot of colors and decorations , he may have the talent of drawing . but if the
child loves games that require using a lot for his hands as a dough formation
game or sand formation game, he may have a talent for manual work, and in the
event he loves games that require mental effort as a game Puzzles or cube game
maybe he Has the talents of mental talents like mental arithmetic for example
.the child who is loving to watch TV may be imitating the characters which he
watchs ,might have a talent of acting or communication.

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