Corona and the future of our children

Corona and the future of our children

   Corona and the future of our children

The spread of the
Corona Virus is an experience that we and our children are experiencing for the
first time. It is a previous pandemic of its kind. This pandemic has created a
major crisis that has manifested itself in many aspects of life, and it has
caused children to stay at home without going to school. But with all these
circumstances we live in, the question remains, How will our children’s future
be as a result of Corona?

After the end of the crisis in the
spread of Corona – and this is what we aspire to, God willing – we and our
children in particular will have learned many things that will benefit us and
benefit them in their future lives, including:

Soul of

 After the situation worsened as a result of
the spread of the Coruna virus, many people of power and wealth demonstrated
the spirit of solidarity. Also, the individuals themselves have solidified and
cooperated with each other by providing some supplies or medicines in the event
a neighbor needs them. Such matters will instil in our children the spirit of
solidarity that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Care for

 To eliminate corona, we must increase the
hygiene of the hands and the things that we touch. Hygiene in the current
period will make children when they grow up keen to clean them, and thus reduce
the rate of infection with one of the diseases.


We must, as parents, raise the skills
of reserves and develop them in our children, as the current circumstance
requires us to do this. Raising our children to take precautions is always very
important, because it prevents us from getting sick and reduces the severity of
the crisis that we may fall into. Precautions are taken in matters such as
hygiene as we mentioned earlier in addition to healthy nutrition throughout the
year, it strengthens immunity and prevents people from getting sick.
Precautions are also in other matters, such as saving money, because it is
beneficial in crises such as the one we live in such days.

Finally, we advise you not to inflate
and complicate matters for your children in order to make it easier for them to
understand the current situation and realize what you have learned to them so
that they can benefit from this in the future.

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