Are you playing with your child ?

Are you playing with your child ?

  Are you playing with your child ?

Playing with your child is very important because of the benefits it has to your
relationship, it strengthens the warmth between you and, it is an irreplaceable
opportunity to increase the amount of love and feelings between each of the
parties, as it is a way to enjoy the child and bring childhood into the

Everything I said needs practical
application on real , and here the two questions are asked: What do we play with our children? How do we play with
our children?

What do we
play with our children ?:

 This question confuses many parents, but do
not worry because you are not obligated to choose what you play with your
children, but you do not have to do this, as it is children who will choose the
game and you must accept it as it was, unless it harms your health or the
health of the child And then you have to encourage the child to choose another
game without interfering with his choice or comment on it, as this will lose
his desire to play and his pleasure.

How to play
with our children ?:

 We give
you some tips that will benefit the child and increase his enjoyment while
playing with him:

       Be a
child while you are playing with your child:

 that is, you should play at the same level as
your child’s play, by sitting on the ground and jumping or playing hide and
seek. As it is important from this that you feel it equally between the two of
you, where he feels the full freedom and as if with a friend of his.

him responsible for solving problems:

The child must learn to depend on
himself if he encounters a problem. For example, if he fails to complete a Bright Horizon game, you do not have to
help him immediately, as this will make him helpless in front of the problems
facing him. Rather, you should encourage him to make an effort to solve his
problem because this increases the child’s abilities and makes him confident of
himself, and he will make sure you trust him.

the child’s skills and abilities:

It is very important to encourage the
child and respect his way of dealing during playing, and even praise him for
his intelligence, this increases the child’s skills and increases his
confidence in himself and urges him to make an effort to improve his skills to
obtain more praise

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